Eternal FeroCITY

Spring 2018

Pi Class

Name: Ravi Upadhya
Brother Name/Number: I.G.N.E.O.U.S 172
Date of Birth: 08/19/1999

Major: Finance

​Interests/Hobbies: Baseball, Stock Market


I was born in Pompton Plains, NJ and have lived in Montville, NJ my whole life. I graduated from Montville Township High School in 2017 and I am currently studying Finance and Supply Chain Management and hope to work in the analytics field. Some of my interests include watching and playing baseball and basketball. I’m a huge Yankees, Nets and Giants fan and my favorite player is Gary Sanchez. Originally, I had no intention of rushing a fraternity, but one of the brothers I had known from high school invited me to a rush event and I felt the brotherhood instantly

Name: Akshat Shah
Brother Name/Number: Incognito 117
Date of Birth: 12/11/1998

Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Minor: Economics

​Interests/Hobbies: Learning new sports, working out, dancing


I was born and grew up in Gujarat, India until I was 15 and I moved to United States in 2014. Being part of IND helped me assimilate in the culture and boosted my confidence, which I did not feel like before. I was motivated with the brotherhood and values of IND, which kept me dedicated towards being my best self. I was always impressed by the steps and strolls of IND and strive to be the best step and stroller as well.  Besides, I am a huge fan of spicy food, especially Mexican. I am greatly in love with New York City and dream of working at Wall Street one day. I have developed interests in Football, Patriots as my favorite team, and Basketball, not really having a team. I am also interested in investments, trading and learning about new technologies.

Name: Neel Patel
Brother Name/Number: Valyrian 6
Date of Birth: 10/02/1997

Major: Health Administration

​Interests/Hobbies: Baseball, Working out, helping others


My name is Neel Patel and I was born in Plainfield, NJ and I have lived my whole life in Piscataway.  I live with my parents and my younger brother.  Ever since I was little I have enjoyed playing and watching all sports.  My favorite is baseball and I played up until high school.  Another interest of mine has been helping others.  That is why I chose to major in health administration. As an administrator I would be able to help people have access to the proper healthcare that they deserve.  Joining Iota Nu Delta has allowed me to continue helping people in other ways.  Through Iota Nu Delta, I have been able to volunteer at the annual RUDM, clean up various parks/rivers, raise awareness for diseases, raise money for the military, and so much more.  Along with that I have been able to find a second family that I could rely on for anything. Joining Iota Nu Delta was one of the best decisions I made.

Name: Vedant Gandhi
Brother Name/Number: Tempest 81
ate of Birth: 08/15/1998

Major: Biology



Name: Dhaval Patel
Brother Name/Number: W.R.A.I.T.H. 90
Date of Birth: 07/26/1999

Major: Pharmacy

​Interests/Hobbies: Baseball, Basketball, Music, Travelling


I was born in Atlanta, Georgia and grew up in Mount Olive, NJ. I am currently a pharmacy major striving for a future job in the industrial field. I vouch for philanthropy work as I grew up doing it for requirements and now have made it a personal hobby of mine. Seeing the difference in other’s lives after just a small effort is what makes the work worthwhile. I love playing basketball and baseball recreationally. My favorite sports team are the Yankees, Giants, and Nets. I love listening to rap and hip hop music and began to open myself to edm music. Iota Nu Delta has imparted a great deal of confidence and motivation in my daily mindset. Pledging IND was a decision that I have come to greatly appreciate not only because of the numerous connections I have made in such a short time, but the tight bond that I have developed with brothers that will last far, far beyond my years at Rutgers.

Name: Rohan Bhatt
Brother Name/Number: P.E.R.S.E.S. 12

Date of Birth: 03/09/98

Major: Computer Science

​Interests/Hobbies: Technology, Sports, Rap Music, NBA 2K


I was born in Plainsboro, New Jersey and lived there for the first two years of my life until my family moved to South Brunswick. An avid sports fan, I grew up spending most of my time playing various sports and garnering friendships through them. I also love watching sports whenever I can and am a huge fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Houston Rockets. I graduated from South Brunswick High School in 2016 and decided to further my education at Rutgers - New Brunswick starting Fall 2016. I made the decision to join Iota Nu Delta during my sophomore year of college and it has given me nothing short of a brotherhood and a family that I can always turn to for anything. Pledging and crossing into IND was not something that I came into college thinking I would do, but I believe that everything happens for a reason and I am grateful to be a part of this movement.  

Name: Jitesh Gandluru
Brother Name/Number: 
Date of Birth:




Name: Kevin Patel
Brother Name/Number: Deimos 974
Date of Birth: 11/29/1997

Major: Biological Sciences

Minor: Economics

​Interests/Hobbies: Football, Music, Gym, Travelling, Learning 


I was born in North Bergen but moved to Randolph, where I spent most of my childhood and teenage years. Due to firsthand experience with braces and oral care, I was inspired to pursue a career as an orthodontist. It was this desire that led me to Rutgers, a school that I had initially overlooked. I became a brother of Iota Nu Delta at the end of my sophomore year, and it has been one of my greatest accomplishments to date. It has given me a professional network, the opportunity to help the community, and most importantly men I am proud to call my brothers for the rest of my life. Iota Nu Delta taught me to relentlessly chase after my goals and instilled in me a determination to accomplish anything I set my mind to.

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