One of our main missions as brothers of Iota Nu Delta is to give back to our community and we do this through various philanthropy and service events. A college experience can be very rewarding and enriching- but this is only possible if you can immerse yourself in the wide array of possibilities this experience has to offer. Going above and beyond the call of duty, we have as students, is what Iota Nu Delta is all about. We establish philanthropy events that will aide the local neighborhoods around our campus, and with our close-knit brotherhood we organize fundraisers on a national scale. In addition to aiding individuals locally and nationally we also work with organizations such as The Red Cross, and our national philanthropies to make a difference on the international level. Not only do the brothers of Iota Nu Delta par-take in philanthropy events, but they also take initiative in organizing fundraisers and attempt to educate and inform others of our culture and roots by setting up cultural events and shows. The passion and desire in taking such initiatives is a result of the belief that each and every one of us has a moral and social obligation to use the wide variety of skills that we have acquired through life for the betterment of society.

The brothers of the Rutgers Mu Chapter have participated in many events both on and off campus. There are two events in particular that are of great importance to us: our fundraising for the Sankara Eye Foundation and our SAMAR drive because they are our national philanthropy and national service organization respectively.


Sankara Eye Foundation is a non-profit organization, which aims to give the gift of eyesight by eradicating curable blindness in India. Since being founded it has increased the number of surgeries performed, at the Sankara Eye Care Institutions, from 8,000 to almost 70,000 annually. In addition, to this the organization is one of the largest rural outreach programs in India, and is considered a model eye-bank by the Govt. of India.


In addition, to Sankara the national service event for Iota Nu Delta is SAMAR. SAMAR stands for South Asian Morrow Association of Recruiters, and it’ s goal is to compile a database of potential marrow donors. Since 1992 SAMAR has been reaching out to thousands South Asian individuals who are in need of a donor, and they have been reaching out to volunteers willing and able to donate. SAMAR has been able to collect 70,000 individuals that are willing and able to donate and has facilitated 52 actual transplants. We believe in these organizations because of the great work they have accomplished and the wonderful potential they posses. Those traits are what we wish to show the Rutgers community- that we have a lot to be thankful for, and what better a way to show our appreciation than by giving back.


  • National Be the Change Day

  • Monster Mash

  • Pakistan Flood Relief

  • Ronald Mcdonald House

  • Big Chill

  • Scarlet Day of Service

  • Dance Marathon

  • Winter Wishes

  • Scarlet Carnivale

  • w-flickr

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