Name: Mitch Ramlakhan
Brother Name/Number: TNT 29
Date of Birth: 12/10/90
Major: Biochemistry and Biotechnology

Interests/Hobbies: Track, Playing Soccer, Watching Anime, Volunteering, EMT, Pyrotechnics

My parents are Kalawatie Devi Ramlakhan and Roopnarayan Ramlakhan and I was born in Kentwood, Michigan (Where I was named after.) I moved to Jersey City at the age of 2 and was raised there for the most of my life with my 2 younger brothers Jeremy and Ashton. I am a pretty cool guy who lives on spontaneity and I am always prepared for the unexpected. Over the years I have acquired various skills that can be used for the

betterment of humanity. In the future I see myself helping people in one way or another either through medical relief, lab development, or vigilante work.

7 Shades of B.L.A.C.K.

Gamma Class

Fall 2010

Name: Jash Vakil
Brother Name/Number: Jericho 118
Date of Birth: 12/29/89
Major: Biology

Minor: Economics

Interests/Hobbies: Playing basketball, swimming, listening to music, and hanging out with friends.

Hi my name is Jash Vakil and I moved to America when I was nine years old brought up in a small town called East Rutherford. I really like playing sports and freshman year of high school I made the football and basketball team for the Becton Wildcats. Soon after I moved to Monroe Township where I completed the rest of my high school. Now at Rutgers I really enjoy being involved within the community. I hold a position for the Pre-Medical society, perform research at the Center for Advanced Biotechnology and Medicine and now a brother of the Iota Nu Delta fraternity. I am currently a junior and will be graduating 2012.

Name: Jose Guevara
Brother Name/Number: Jaguar 234
Date of Birth: 6/30/89
Major: Mechanical Engineering

Interests/Hobbies: Soccer, Halo, FIFA, Billiards, Dog-Caring

My name is Jose Guevara. I was raised in a tristate area along with my brother, on whom I have been a major influence. I am now an undergraduate, continuing by studies in Mechanical Engineering at Rutgers University, whereby I hope to work in the automotive field. I am also an animal lover and would find working with them especially rewarding. During my leisure time, my interests include such activities as soccer, billiards, volleyball and spending time with my family.

Name: Chirag Patel
Brother Name/Number: Cast-Away 3.13
Date of Birth: 4/24/90
Major: Finance and Economics

Interests/Hobbies: Dancing, Shopping, Basketball, otball, Mandir, FIFA, Call of Duty, PS3, FC Barcelona, Philadelhpia Eagles, NY Yankees

I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but I currently reside in Iselin, New Jersey. I am graduate from the Rutgers Business school in New Brunswick, NJ with degrees in both Finance and Economics. Along with being a brother of Iota Nu Delta I also was a member of the only raas and garba dance team in New Jersey, RU RAGA. I also am an active member at my Temple (Mandir) BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir. I credit all my successes and accomplishments to my friends, family, and my guru Pramukh Swami Maharaj, as I would not be the person that I am today without them. I am huge people person and love socializing. I also enjoy both trying and learning new things. I also am the publicity chair for the raas competition Raasadelphia as well as the current Regional Director for Intake. All in all, I believe the choices that I have made in life and just my outgoing down to earth personality have made me the well-rounded person that I am today.

Name: Harsh Shah
Brother Name/Number: H.A.D.E.S. 49
Date of Birth: 10/30/91
Major: Finance and Economics

Interests/Hobbies: Basketball, football, dancing, shopping, movies

I'm a sophomore in the business school majoring in finance and economics. My career goal is to be filthy rich with a lot of free time. I love meeting new people and hanging out late through the night. I love watching movies and tv shows filled with suspense. I look everyday as an opportunity to better myself.

Name: Vishal Patel
Brother Name/Number: Mutilation 69
Date of Birth: 9/29/91
Major: Cellular Biology and Neuroscience

Interests/Hobbies: Basketball, volleyball, FIFA, Halo, SSBB, computers, graphic design, reading, volunteering, watching TV/ movies

Currently, I am a cell bio and neuroscience major at Rutgers University, and will hopefully go to medical school at the end of my undergraduate years. I love playing all kinds of sports, especially basketball, and you can catch most of us brothers playing at Werblin. I am known to be very competitive when it comes to sports or even video games. Driving my manual Jetta is something that I really enjoy which stems from the fact that I love learning new and interesting activities.

Name: Rohan Shah
Brother Name/Number: Terror 747
Date of Birth: 12/29/91
Major: Finance

Interests/Hobbies: Playing basketball, football, xbox 360. chillin with family and friends

My name is Rohan Shah and I was born in India and came to the States when I was about 3 years old. I lived in Edison for about 5 years, before I moved to Dayton, NJ in 2000. I went to South Brunswick High School and I am now in the Rutgers Business School pursuing my major in Finance. I love playing and watching all sports, especially basketball

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