Iota Nu Delta

The idea of ethnic fraternities first came about as a need to share and educate the community of the rich and diverse cultures that exist among us. Eight men came together with a vision to preserve and promote the rich and diverse heritage of the South Asian culture. They noticed however, that traditional on-campus student organization were split among the lines of national origins, at most provided a group of friends during college. The yearly election of new officer in these student organization made it difficult to pursue any type of extended project as each new executive board set its own agenda. Their solution to this problem was the creation of the first ever South Asian American interest fraternity.

Iota Nu Delta was official formed on February 7th, 1994 on the campus of Binghamton University, in Binghamton New York. By forming the first every South Asian American interest fraternity, their goal was to bridge the gaps between people of different backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures all while promoting South Asian cultural awareness. Their efforts to date have paved the way for an upcoming of one the largest organizations of its kind.

With just a few years of existence, Iota Nu Delta became the first fraternity of its kind to be trademarked and incorporated as a New York Non-Profit organization. Iota Nu Delta would go on to establish NICAN- Alumni Association, NeXT- National Expansion Team, sponsor numerous philanthropy and community-outreach projects, and set up the Iota Nu Delta scholarship fund. The vision that eight men once started which would soon spread to over twelve chapters and colonies world-wide within the next decade.

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National Founding Fathers

  • Mr. Samir Chopra

  • Dr. Sachin Chopra

  • Dr. Ankur Desai

  • Mr. Shaiju Eapen

  • Dr. Varun Gujral

  • Dr. Stanley Jacob

  • Mr. Johri Mathew

  • Dr. Renjy Vattasseril

Capone 5
Dracool 13
Plus-One 7
Shai-Dogg 00
Benhead 1
B-Boy 24
Anil-A 18
Rug-D 14

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Ruthless Rutgers Mu Chapter

The history of Iota Nu Delta at Rutgers University stems back to the Spring of 2002 when Mitesh Patel first crossed at NYU. Since Mitesh crossed, 4 other brothers (Paul Saini, Christopher Pruss, Nilesh Balani, and Kelvin Shah) all crossed as well at Rutgers. However, it was not until the Spring of 2009 that Rutgers University had its first Alpha class. A group of ten men envisioned bringing back Iota Nu Delta to the biggest university in the state of New Jersey. On August 5, 2009 Iota Nu Delta was officially recognized on the campus of Rutgers University. Since then, the Rutgers Mu Chapter has been able to achieve and unparalleled amount of success. Within it's first year of inception, the chapter received numerous awards from both Rutgers University and Iota Nu Delta National. Rutgers Chapter was recognized as the Colony of the Year under Iota Nu Delta for the 2009-2010 school year.

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